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Why to Choose Us?

Today, due to constant changes, it is difficult to navigate through the complex issues of acts, laws, decrees and not only in the EU but also within individual member states.

Despite efforts to facilitate the free movement of goods and establish a unified system of placing construction products on the market within the EU (in the form of certification of constancy of performance (certification) by the harmonized technical specification and marking of the products by CE mark), there are still national technical specification for certain products and certification of constancy of performance is made according to them.

This means that each EU Member state has defined for the products, which are not able to mark with CE, their own requirements for certification of constancy of performance and for the placing of construction products on the market, which complicates the situation for producers and traders of construction products. It is often the case that the special requirements exist also for the products, for which a harmonized technical specification was released.

Many years of experience in this field are used by AKURATNY FIRE CONSULTING Ltd., to provide services to producers of construction products in the following activities:

Placing construction products on the market
Certification of constancy of performance
Testing of construction products properties
Choosing the right test specimens

In order to maintain trade secrets of the products of your competitors and their constructions, we shall not engage in product development, but through consultation and comments, we direct you to the right path to achieving your goals:
Preparation and installation of test specimens before testing
Preparation for the inspection of factory production control
Selection of the appropriate authorized, accredited, notified body

Despite EU rules on free movement of EU goods and services, despite issued European standards (tests performed in accordance with applicable European standards should apply in all EU countries and a common trade countries) and despite issued harmonized technical specifications (certificates of conformity with the CE mark should apply in all countries EU countries and common trade countries), there are still obstacles by the placing of products on the market. In the field of certification of constancy of performance it is mostly manifested by not accepting the test results from testing laboratories, prescription of additional special requirements and so on.

Based on years of experience, we help you in choosing the most appropriate authorized, accredited, approved body, whether for the purpose of testing, classification, inspection, or certification of constancy of performance.

Proper selection affects not only the actual cost of the tests (e.g., the difference in price for a test of fire resistance can be up to 5000 EUR), but affects also the process of certification of constancy of performance and the use and acceptance of results in other countries.

  • search and acquisition of new partners for your business: decade working in the field of construction products provided us with excellent contacts to manufacturers of various products, whether individual components of construction products (e.g., large materials, insulation materials, glass filling, sealing, etc..), but also producers of finished construction products (fire door, fire walls, smoke and heat ventilators and many others).

We offer help in the search and if necessary, in choosing a new business partner who will open new possibilities in your business.


By organizing various conferences, workshops and more, we offer you and your employees the opportunity to increase your knowledge of the production, testing, certification of constancy of performance of construction products and stay up to date.

Growth of your company

With a targeted, discrete, erudite and responsible way, we help you to overcome the various pitfalls in your business in construction products and we hope that with a greater or lesser extent, we contribute to the success and growth of your company.